Choosing a domain name for your website requires some careful thought. Don't just jump into it and pick something off the top of your head because it sounds funny, interesting, or unique. Before settling on a domain name, write down a list and then carefully examine them for relevancy, usage, and present and future growth, depending on your needs. Whenever possible, link your domain name to your product or service. Come up with a list of names that might work, and then check search engines to see if such domain names have already been taken.

Whenever possible, aim for a .com extension, and avoid .net, .info, and .biz, as these are still difficult for consumers to remember and may show up lower in search engine results than a .com URL address extension. Choosing extension is especially important if you have the opportunity to do business globally. You can then add further extensions to the domain name address by using a country designation such as,, or Cost for domain name registration is approximately $10-$15 a year. When registering your domain name, also include hyphenated or plural versions of that domain name if possible. This ensures that competitors in the same field or industry won't be confused with your website traffic.

You want to be noticed, not buried in the middle of the pack. Use common sense and pick a domain name that is easy to spell and say. There should be no confusion, misunderstanding or questions on how to spell your domain name, or how to remember it easily. Don't forget the importance of keywords and key phrases in your domain name. Such keywords will increase the ability of search engines to find your domain name. The higher the relevancy of that keyword in your domain name title, the higher you'll rank in keyword searches as well as generating more traffic.

When choosing a domain name, search the Internet for tips and techniques to choose the best domain name while avoiding the most common mistakes that many people make when launching a website. Doing so will help increase your future business, exposure and revenue. It's extremely difficult to change a domain name, so make sure that the one you pick is the most effective for your needs. Remember that relevancy, ease of use and memory, and use of shorter and specific keywords can mean the difference between success and failure when choosing a domain name.