Okay, so everyone is free to come up with whatever domain name you want – but have you ever tried to come up with a blog or website, gone to register the domain name and discovered it’s not there? Here’s an example, you want to create a website to sell your new jewelry, but instead of LovelyRitasGold.com the website host provides you with options like GoldRitas123 or Lovely1234Rita? Instead of settling for those names, which don’t do anything for attracting traffic to your blog or website, you might have to come up with a few other options to insure you aren’t stuck with an irritating domain name.

One of the easiest ways to create and register a domain name is to do it at the same time you name your business. There is nothing worse than creating a business name, logo, print out the marketing materials or brainstorm how to advertise – and then you find out the .com or .au is not available! Do the work simultaneously – that way you can run a variety of name combinations through the website host before selecting a name.

No matter what you do to get a name, be sure that you create something that’s easy to find and is relevant to your business. LovelyRita.com sounds nice, but does it illustrate that you sell handmade gold jewelry? Nope! RitasHandmadeJewelry.com or something along those lines makes it easy for potential customers to find your online shop and make purchases. There are millions of web pages – you need to find something that sticks out and makes it to the top of the search engine.

Once you brainstorm a few names, purchase and register the domain name, be sure to keep adding new content to your website, including backlinks, articles or images as you go. If you just let your website sit there, it won’t increase its ranking or ever find its way to the top of major search engines – which is the key to driving in business. Always spend time creating a relevant domain and business name. While you might not think it’s worth it now, you don’t want to be stuck with something that’s irritating to browsers (or yourself!) somewhere down the line. When you are out of ideas, create word combinations with domain name generators – they will get the brain juices flowing so you can see fun, relevant options in just a few minutes!