If you’re out trying to find a domain name for your new business or website, it could be more frustrating getting the website address than many other steps involved in a venture. While searching around, you’ve no doubt come upon great sounding names – but then discover they come with a price, often in the hundreds or thousands of dollars. While it’s always up to you to determine if buying a domain name is worth the money, it doesn’t mean you should have to go broke buying one. It’s fairly rare when a website domain name makes six or seven figures, but that’s all part of the territory now. Here are a few options to buying or registering a domain name without spending all of your startup money:

·         Create the names. According to Forbes, your domain name and company name don’t have to match, though it is a good idea if you want the company brand to be recognizable later down the road. Spend time thinking about the two names – and even go backward! Think about the domain name to ensure it’s there, and then choose the business name.

·         If your company is new, it might be worth the chance of changing the company name early on to match that of the domain name. Since a web presence is one of the most important things for any business, it could very well be worth the hassle early on to change the name, rather than lose the footprint a good domain name can provide.

·         If you really want a domain name that’s just sitting there, consider contacting the owner and negotiating a price. If you want to deal with it by yourself, it is possible to negotiate – otherwise, choose a company that acts as an intermediary so you can negotiate as professionally as possible. Be aware, however, that these companies often charge fees for mediating.

The key to finding a domain name without breaking the bank is to work fast – as soon as you see a domain name that you like and is available, you need to either buy it, negotiate for it or move on! In a matter of minutes, the name will be taken, leaving you to start the entire tedious process over again. Spend time thinking about the name you want and which domain name will represent the business best.