Coming up with the perfect domain name is harder than you think! If you happen to be creative you might have a slight advantage, but you might not be so fortunate to find that the perfect domain name is available when you want it. Now what do you do? That’s where domain name generators help you brainstorm other options. To use, all you need to do is insert a few relevant keywords you want to be used in your Internet address and the generator does all of the hard work and offers plenty of word combinations to see if there is anything you like.

When registering an Internet domain name, don’t forget that the web address should be easy to read, write and remember for everyone who comes to your website or blog. Inside jokes or otherwise silly website addresses are usually not suggested as a domain name, because they are harder for everyone else to remember. Think about this – the harder the name is to remember, the decreased chance they will ever make it to your website! Keep domain names as simple as possible, and be sure to incorporate keywords of your business into the website name, so your customers will remember the website even if they can’t remember the URL to your page.

Domain name generators are easy to find! If you do a search of ‘domain name generators’ you will come up with so many different options. They are very user-friendly – usually feature one, two or three boxes for you to insert keywords and then it offers various possibilities. You also have a chance to purchase available domain names right then and there – so do it before a great domain name is bought right out of your hands.

While some of the possible domain names created from a generator sound ridiculous, there might be a couple catch your eye or help you brainstorm different name combinations and possibilities. Have you ever sat and thought about multiple names, only to find they’ve been taken already? Using a generator will save you the hassle of going through so many names and just show you the available options. If you have multiple people offering you input on domain names, save yourself the headache and just use a name generator – no one will be offended that you didn’t use their suggestion and you can just get it taken care of in a short amount of time!