The content of a website should be enough to draw traffic, right? Well actually, the domain name is the first important feature an Internet browser sees of your blog or website – and without it, search engines would have trouble directing traffic to your site. There are millions of websites on the World Wide Web, and in order for yours to be noticeable you need to spend some time thinking about the domain name for your site. A good domain name is the difference between being visited and being lost amongst the other millions of sites.

Aside from directing traffic to your site – which translates into increased ad revenue, possible increased sales and expansion – a good domain name increases credibility to a business, and if you are just starting out, you’ll want to start off strong. Have you ever been surfing the Internet and found business sites that just don’t have a strong domain name, or they piggyback on a free Web hosting site? Oftentimes, generic websites that allow you to create a website through them do not offer a strong first impression for your growing business. People like to see you have a good strong website and domain name because it increases confidence.

Since you can easily buy quality domain names to fit within your budget, you should invest the money and show your customers you are serious about being a business owner. Businesses that don’t have social media or website are getting behind other companies that utilize these services to expand business. Having a website sets a good impression that as a business owner you are in touch with current business practices and technology. While you may not be technologically-saavy, having a website with strong domain name does offer that impression and will help boost you up over the competitors.

Finally, another way a domain name is important is if it is consistent with your business, you can easily draw in customers whether the domain name is the exact same as your business name. Using a domain name that replicates common search terms will draw people to the blog or website without them needing to remember the exact URL name of your page. These are just a few ways in which domain names help you business, so choosing a name wisely can add up to plenty of traffic and revenue to create a successful web presence.