Do you have a blog or website through a free service such as WordPress or Blogger?  If you are serious about getting your name out there and building traffic, purchasing and registering a domain name are the next two most important steps you can take in giving your blog or website some credibility.  If you’re starting out a small business, using free platforms such as WordPress or Blogger are great ways to get started, but it might be time to purchase a domain name so your customers take your business as seriously as you do.

While it is very easy to register a domain name, there are a few steps involved that could take a couple minutes of planning and budgeting before you get started.  In order to register a name, you need to make sure the domain name you want is available – keep it keyword optimized and relevant to your business so that it is easily searchable by customers and comes up to the top of the lists in the search engines.  Once you find a registrar for the domain name, you’ll pay a nominal fee to purchase.  If it’s a popular name or somebody else already purchased it, the name could cost you more, but if nobody has it, the price should be fairly low.  Once you purchase the domain name, you will need to renew it every year in order to keep the rights to the URL.

If you’ve never purchased a domain name before, the most important aspect of registering a name is to do it quickly -- as domain names are sold quickly, and if you wait too long, someone else will buy up that perfect name for your blog or website.  Before you purchase your domain name, think of two or three names that are ideal for your page – that way, if your first name is taken up you still have a couple more options.  Have your credit card ready for purchasing a domain name, since it would be really bad news if you lost your domain name because you were prepared to purchase it.

Even if you don’t have a website or blog, you can purchase a domain name whenever you want so that it’s available when you’re ready to use it.  This is a great option to ensure that your domain name is not purchased from a competitor!