Deciding who to register your domain name in Australia isn’t easy. Many companies offer domain name registrations and each one offers the cheapest, most secure, user friendly and comprehensive service. Melbourne IT has a very simple, yet effective, web page that offers services for both the most experienced of Internet entrepreneurs to those new to the World Wide Web.

On top of a well furnished website, Melbourne IT has a few eBusiness centers located throughout Australia and New Zealand in Melbourne, Wellington and Brisbane. These centers offer all of the great services that the website offers with the added bonus of having a savvy IT person there to help guide small business owners through what can be a confusing start to their electronic business.

Along with helping you register a domain name, Melbourne IT will help you with web design and even social media development. In today’s social ecommerce it is important to have a Facebook page and Twitter account to go along with any webpage. If you’re new to Facebook, you may have a little trouble developing a professional looking page for your business just as much as you might have trouble creating a professional looking webpage. This is an added bonus to the services that Melbourne IT offers because many other domain name registration businesses will not do more than offer webhosting and webpage development services.

If you have an International business, Melbourne IT doesn’t just deal with eBusiness within Australia and New Zealand either. This Australian-based company has offices in 18 different countries and offers services throughout the globe. And if a webhost is not all you are looking for, Melbourne IT offers email services, webhosting, webpage design, and office suite sharing tools as well as hands-on eBusiness solutions at their service centers and through their website.

With so many services and so much help, the most difficult part of registering your domain name might just be choosing the right webhost for you. Melbourne IT tries to make things as simple as possible and they might just be the right choice for you. However, it is very important that before you choose to register your domain name with any host, you do a lot of research and choose the host that is able to best meet your needs. If you aren’t very handy with a computer, Melbourne IT might be the right one for you.