You’re a blogger who uses WordPress and you have a webpage with an address such as but you’d like to register this blog as a domain name in order to get rid of the portion of your address. Thankfully, WordPress makes this easy by providing you with domain name service which allows you to continue to house and edit your blog using WordPress but without having to keep the bulky web address for your blog. Registering a domain name means a few special things. First of all, it means that your blog has a bit more credibility and maturity about it. Finally, it means that people will be able to find your blog easily by having a simple to remember web address to type in when searching.

Registering your domain name doesn’t cost a whole lot of money either. If you want your domain name as a .com, .net, or .org then you will pay only $18 a year. If you want WordPress to provide you with their full package of backup and storage including video blogging and an ad-less webpage, then you’ll be paying $99 a year. This is still a fairly affordable price point especially since you also get an added 10GB of storage space on WordPress’s servers. Even if you’re just an occasional blogger, the low cost of having your own domain name means that the benefits outweigh the costs and if you’re a professional blogger, then you really shouldn’t be without a domain name.

You might be thinking that WordPress already gives you a whole bunch of great features without needing to pay. You might also believe that having the at the end of your blog’s name simply isn’t enough of a hassle to justify any cost for your blog. You might be right and for some users it might not be worth any amount of money, no matter the benefits. However, if you’re serious about blogging, you’ll soon outgrow the space WordPress provides you with and you’ll either have to get rid of previously posted entries or upgrade anyway. By then, your .com might no longer be available and you’ll have to change the name of your blog -- which may cause a whole new set of issues. Buying a domain name is neither difficult, nor expensive, so give WordPress’s terms and conditions a good read and consider upgrading.