While creating and buying a domain name for an established business is simple because you ready have a name to go off, those who are starting a blog or website might find it completely overwhelming to start from scratch.  There are plenty of tips on how to create a blog or website domain name, but what about the things that you should avoid?  Just as creating a business name is important, registering the domain name you choose will determine whether people come to your website or blog or not.  Here are a few things to avoid when coming up with a domain name:

Avoid having too many people give you suggestions on your domain name for blog or website because the more people that are involved, the more convoluted it gets.  Having people constantly giving their suggestions runs the risks of hurting feelings because you might not like what they suggest or you’ll end up not picking their domain name suggestion – so avoid the drama altogether and brainstorm your own names.  If you really want other people to help determine a name just select two or three people – those who truly know what your blog or website content is going to be.

Another fatal mistake people make when coming up with a domain name is trying to be funny or catchy.  The more you try to force a domain name, the higher risk of it coming across as unfunny or unprofessional.  Some people try to get creative when mixing different words together – and often times it just doesn’t work.  Using a word on its own might be a great idea -- but mashing them together to create quirky domain name is something you should avoid.  The key to a good domain name is not to force it -- if you need to take one or two weeks finding the perfect name, do so!

While it’s important to find keywords to use as your domain name, you also need to make sure it stands out amongst the competition.  It should be unique, but easily searchable – otherwise, no one will ever find your blog or website.  These are often the top three things people do when creating a domain name that goes awry in the process.  Think it through – don’t feel rushed when creating a domain name because your audience knows the difference.  Instead, research your demographics, look at the keywords on your website content and find something that’s fun, unique and easy to understand.