Do you know how important it is to create a unique and memorable domain name? Your domain name literally represents a resource that personal computers utilize on the Internet. Today, the most recognizable and prominent domain names include extensions such as:

• .com • .org • .net

However, due to the increased demand for unique and recognizable domain names, you'll also find domain names categorized into different fields in areas, including but not limited to:

• .edu (for universities and colleges) • .biz (to designate that your website is a business)

Domain names also help to specify the country of its origin, for example: • (Britain) • . (China) • (Germany)

So why does that matter? A domain name helps people you know where you are. Registering a strong domain name is important to help today's Internet users find you. Your domain name is also known as a web address. It's where you can literally be found online. Your domain name is used in so many of your promotional and marketing endeavors, including your website, and your e-mail address. The words you use in your domain name help customers find you in today's increasingly competitive online environment.

When thinking of a domain name, think of something that helps portray a professional image to your potential global customers.

Choosing a Domain Name When it comes to choosing a domain name, follow a few simple tips:

1. Utilize the right keywords to help individuals find your website. What are some words or phrases that someone might have in their head when looking for the types of services, products, goods or information you're providing? For example, if you're developing a language-learning website, use words associated with language learning or development in your domain name.

2. Create a unique and memorable domain name. Avoid domains that are hyphenated, misspelled or plural versions of domain names already registered.

3. Make sure your domain name is easy to remember and type. Over-long domain names are difficult for many users to remember and spell.

Choosing a domain name is not something you do in a matter of minutes. Stay away from trends and use of adjectives. Take the time to research the Internet in your business or interest field and look at some of the domain names that have already been registered in those fields or topics. Remember, once you choose a domain name, it's yours, now and forever.