Building a website for your new business can be the most exciting thing, but only if it turns out well. It's one thing to build a website and find a host, and quite another to start earning revenue, page views and attention. Tens of thousands of websites found on the Internet provide you with more than enough competition. Choose a good domain name to help you rise and shoulders above the rest.

One of the best tips for choosing the best domain name for your website is to choose a domain name that matches your website name. While this may seem apparent, you'd be surprised how many people don't take this very simple step toward branding and recognition. If people know the name of your website, it's easy for them to remember how to find you on the Internet. At the other end of the spectrum, if they don't know your website name, but they do see your website address or URL, that you're more likely to inform them about your products or services. Your domain name should in some way reflect your service or the type of business or product you offer. When was the last time you were memorized a website address? Probably quite a while.

When you're looking for something particular on the Internet, you type in certain words or phrases into the search bar, known as tags or keywords. Make use of them. The second most important tip is to choose a domain name that is closely matches your branding as possible. The name or phrase you use in advertising and marketing your business would serve you well in your domain name, because people will then link the two together. Remember that a domain name can extend up to 67 characters, so take advantage. Avoid sequences of abbreviations for words in your domain name. For example, instead of the domain name "” you'd be better served to choose, "”.

Choose a domain name that is simple, precise, and specific. Use your domain name to help promote your business, service or product. Give it some careful thought and consideration. It's one of the most important things you'll do to grow, market and promote your business. Finally, choose a domain name that is rich in keywords directly related to your product, service, or business. This helps search engines narrow down potential websites and get your website closer to the top of the heap.