If you build it, they will come... or so the saying goes. The problem is, if you don't choose an effective domain name, your efforts may be for naught. One of the best tips that many web-hosting services offer is to name your domain name the same as your website name, if possible. While naming your website after its domain name is productive, it's not always relevant, so choose wisely.

One of the benefits of naming your domain name the same as your website is that it's easy for people to remember. If you name your domain or URL the same as your website, they'll know what to type into the search bar. To be more specific, try to choose keywords or phrases for your domain name that will help people find you on the Internet. Simply calling your domain name, "” doesn't do anything to set your store apart from others, not does it let people know what you sell.

When choosing your domain name, try to be as specific as possible in describing the type of service or product you're offering on your website.. It's important to create a domain name that in some way reflects the purpose of your business or service.

Size Sometimes Matters --

Some people have impossibly long domain names. While domain names can be up to 67 characters in length, you might not want to go to that extreme. Shorter names are not only easier to remember, but easier to type, and offer a reduced chance of mistyped or misspelled names.

However, even a longer domain name that has a site keyword offers a greater advantage than a domain name that's extremely short, such as "", because people will not understand what the "GW" stands for.

Avoid the use of hyphens in domain names. Unless someone is extremely familiar with your website, they're not in the know that it contains a hyphen. Using a hyphen can also increase the chance of errors when typing the name into the search bar.

Another tip to remember is to keep personal pronouns (my, your, our), or connecting words like "the" out of your domain name. This often causes confusion.

Think carefully when creating your domain name, because it can literally mean the difference between success and failure for your business.

Take your time determining a domain name. Weigh the pros and cons of your choices before you decide.