Now that you have your business type figured out, the next step is to make a presence on the Internet and find out if there are any other domain names with your desired business name. One of the hardest aspects of starting a business is coming up with a great, catchy name because it can mean either people easily find your site and make a connection as to what you are offering or not. There is no rule that your website URL needs to be your exact business name either, but it will make things much easier for those browsing on the Internet.

For example, if you are opening up a day spa, a great way to get customers to remember the website is by naming the site after your spa, for example Flowers Aromatherapy can become au, and your customers don’t have to remember catchy phrases in order to visit your website to purchase goods or make reservations.

When determining your domain name, you want to avoid sending your customers to a competitor’s website – and this is very common when you decide on a business name only to find out the domain name is being used. For example, if your business name is Flowers Aromatherapy, but because the domain name is already taken up you call the domain, it makes it much more confusing for your customers and you know what they find when typing in a domain name looking for your business? The competition’s website -- because they had the domain name before you.

These are just a couple examples of why naming your business and domain name work well when done together. Spend some time coming up with a business and domain name to make sure you get what you want and it offers you the best outcome for your business. It is important to keep the domain name as simple as possible, so customers can remember it. It is important not to be too general though – for example, is not very specific for, so keeping it somewhat specific will drive traffic to your site.

The length of the domain name is also important, and most names can reach up to 67 characters. While you do not need to use all of them, they are there when you want to create an easy to read, informative domain name. The bottom line is: customers appreciate direct, easy to spell domain names!