If you are one of those creative people, you might get lucky on your first try registering a domain name. For the rest of us, finding the perfect domain name results in hours of thinking about what we want and never being able to put it together. That’s where domain name generators come in handy – you simply put in a few keywords you want in your web address and you make the generator do the rest of the work. If nothing else, a generator will help you start brainstorming for a new name or trying different keywords.

If you do an Internet search of ‘domain name generators’ you will come up with dozens of options. Some are better than others are, so your best bet is to look through the various options to see if there is something you like. They are very basic – usually have one to three boxes for you to insert keywords and then once you search the domains, it will give you available options with the keywords. See something you like? There are often chances to purchase the domain name at the moment. Let’s suppose you want to open a garden center and you are having trouble thinking of a domain name that hasn’t been used. Chances are many common keywords already make up website names, so you might need to get creative. Add the name of the garden center into the keywords or location, or utilize the ‘random word’ button most generators offer.

While some of the website names created from a domain name generator sound silly, there are a few that might catch your eye, or at least help you think of different options as you spend time brainstorming. Using a generator will also save you the frustration of finding that every name you select is taken up because the names offered through a generator are available on different domains.

When selecting a name, keep in mind that the web address should be easy to read, write and remember. Cute or silly web addresses are usually not very good as domain names , simply because they are harder for some to remember. Keep domain names as basic as possible, and be sure to use keywords of the business within it so your customers will remember the website, even if they don’t remember the name of the URL.